QCAM Monthly September 2021 >> Current account imbalances

QCAM Monthly September 2021 QCAM Insight FX markets were relatively stable over the last month despite increased uncertainties. In our view, the struggle for direction in FX is likely to continue near-term. However, longer-term FX fundamentals are taking shape. Last month we discussed inflation dynamics. This time we take a closer look at current account balances. It is too early... Economy and Interest Rates The spread of the Delta-variant and supply-side bottlenecks have resulted in economic data dis- appointments and higher inflation reports. In our view, these factors are temporary and unlikely to derail the global recovery.... FX [...]

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QCAM Monthly February 2021 >> Is this a replay of 2018?

QCAM Insight After the selloff in 2020, the USD started firmer in 2021 amid increased financial market volatility. Several factors support the USD at the moment but it is unclear whether this is a temporary correction or the start of a prolonged period of USD strength as in 2018.

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QCAM Monthly December 2020 >> Taking a first peek at 2021

The business cycle is an important exchange rate driver. At QCAM we have been using business surveys for many years to systematically capture the link between business cycles and exchange rate trends. This rule-based approach is now available as a total return alpha strategy via a UBS certificate. QCAM FX BIAS is diversified over 8 major currencies and delivers attractive returns at moderate volatility

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