Excellent performance of FX BIAS

FX BIAS hits the nerve of investor - QCAM can look back on a successful year in which the performance of the FX BIAS innovation stood out: A good year ago we launched the certificate issued by UBS, which is based on FX BIAS (Business Intelligence Alpha Strategy), an innovation with a unique selling proposition – and we are extremely satisfied with its rapid market acceptance and performance.

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KMU Wirtschaft – Professional currency management pays off

Articel by Thomas Suter, CEO of QCAM Currency Asset Management in KMU- Wirtschaft Magazin issue 3/2020 on the importance of many years of investment and currency expertise. Why professional currency management is more important than ever, especially in times of crises.

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Asset manager QCAM is bringing more expertise to its board and management

With new appointments by Gary Klopfenstein, Hélie d'Hautefort and Ekaterina Schiess to the Board of Directors and Martin Pendert to the Management Committee, QCAM Currency Asset Management AG is further expanding its strategic competence and position as an independent, globally active Swiss Asset Management and Currency specialist.

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NZZ – «Vertrauen ist die wichtigste Währung»

In the interview with the NZZ, QCAM CEO Thomas Suter answers 33 questions around the topic currencies.Even in times of increasing digital media dominance, the Neue Zürcher Zeitung has maintained its position as a leading national quality medium. For this reason, we were especially pleased to receive an inquiry from the NZZ editorial team for an interview with our CEO Thomas Suter, which we have enclosed for your reading. The interview was published in the Saturday edition of the NZZ as well as in the NZZ on Sunday from 9th / 10th March 2019.

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KMURundschau – professionalism is needed

Article from Thomas Suter, CEO of QCAM Asset Management in the kmuRUNDSCHAU magazine about the challenges facing investors in currency management. In the view of the growing complexity as well as the considerable earings and savings potential, the need of the investor is growing for independent and transparent advice.

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Opalesque Roundtable Series ’18 – Currency Trading

The internationalization of investments has led to a significant increase in the foreign exchange (FX) business. Along with this major growth, the whole set up and market structure of currency trading, alpha generation in FX markets and the FX overlay industry have significantly changed. How are the markets working now? What are the best and most efficient set ups for currency trading? What happened to the alpha generation of FX managers? When it comes to technology and innovation, is FX trading leading crypto trading or is it the other way round - who sets the trend? (page 20) Why is crypto a very easy market to trade for professionals from the strategy perspective, but the trouble is rather on the legal and the regulatory side? And, will Blockchain technology lead to a future without exchanges?

2018-11-21T17:09:45+00:00November 21, 2018| – Rising hedging costs? Guest article by Cengiz Temel

«Is there a way out of the dilemma of increasing hedging costs for EUR investors?» - The record-high hedging costs aggravate the challenges for institutional investors in the search for yield-generating investments. In the article, Cengiz Temel, Managing Partner at QCAM, shows how rising insurance costs are a challenge for institutional investors and where the pain margins lie.

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