FX Monthly April 2017 >> Dual Currency Notes – monetize your indifference to currencies

  • 18.04.2017
  • FX Monthly

QCAM Insight

Dual Currency Notes – monetize your indifference to currencies: Holding cash these days is not attractive. Dual Currency Notes are an interesting short-term alternative for yield-enhancement, in particular for investors with a portfolio diversified across multiple currencies. How does their framework look like and what shall be considered?

The macro perspective

The 2 percent solution – a calculated or arbitrary inflation target? All the major western central banks strive for an inflation of 2 percent over the medium to long term. What is the reasoning behind this target which has been regularly used as justification by central bankers for their ultra-expansive monetary policies?

FX market talk

USD as the wildcard in several market narratives: Currently the US dollar is the wildcard in various currency market narratives. At the moment, three appear to be shaping the development of the dollar: Economic policy, uncertainty rules and purchase power parity. We look at the battle of them.

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