FX Monthly December 2018 >> 2019: harnessing untapped potential

  • 17.12.2018
  • FX Monthly

QCAM Insight

2019: harnessing untapped potential. Interview with Thomas Suter, CEO QCAM Asset Management about too optimistic Investors in 2018, a promising global economy, uncertainties in the currency markets and large cash holdings.

The macro perspective

The debate about the neutral interest rate in the US. The US Federal Reserve is discussing the possible end of its rate hike cycle. Some Fed officials think the so-called neu­tral interest rate will soon be reached. But if growth remains well above potential, additional inflationary pressures could emerge in the medium term that could move the Fed to make further interest rate hikes. What are the next steps? Our assessment.

FX market talk

A look ahead for the euro. Over the course of this year, the euro weakened from the strong position it enjoyed early on, slipping to a rather middling level. That said, it looks to be in good fundamental shape. We offer a medium-term outlook for the euro and consider how the single currency may develop longer term. Our look ahead of the development of the euro.

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