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07.09.2023 | Issue #95 | QCAM MONTHLY

«China’s long debt-landing»

The USD DXY rallied 5% since the middle of July. Given the health of the US economy versus its major counterparts, we expect further USD upside but with more bumps. The combination of lax fiscal and tight monetary policy is likely to be an undercurrent for the USD for some time. Problems in China are supporting the USD as well. We think China can avoid a hard-landing but faces a prolonged period of debt deflation.

Economy and Interest Rates

Global growth conditions continue to weaken although not rapidly. Business surveys have slipped further and the recovery in consumer confidence has stalled. The US and Japan are outperforming, while China and the Euro-area struggle the most to avoid recession…

FX Markets

The USD rose more than 5% against all other major currencies and nearly 4% versus EM currencies since the middle of July. The CHF and the CAD held up best while SEK, NZD, NOK and AUD underperformed the most. Among EM currencies…

FX Analytics

There have been few signal since changes since the last QCAM MONTHLY and the balance of all positions remained modestly long USD. We kept all discretionary Macro positions unchanged…


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Shifting tides

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QCAM Monthly June 2023: Uncertainty surrounding the US debt ceiling has been removed. The focus is back to growth, inflation and monetary policy. The USD bear trend is fading with the global recovery theme. However, the situation is more mixed than it was a year ago and the USD is less likely to outperform across the board. The JPY has the best precondition to shine, while the EUR is more likely to struggle and the USD sits somewhere in-between...

QCAM MONTHLY May 2023 >> Debt-ceiling and beyond

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Currency markets have been relatively stable despite the emergence of several uncertainties and market jitters. Most likely, stress is not yet sufficiently high to move markets, which remain focused on central bank actions. This could change with the unfolding of the US debt-ceiling process. Beyond that, recession is becoming a...

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