Currency Strategy v-Pro

The v-Pro Currency Strategy is one of our flagship investment programs. With its focus on currency v-Pro represents our brand QCAM Currency Asset Management AG in the best way. v-Pro focuses on the trading of currency options. It provides investors with an attractive investments alternative.

v-Pro combines four complementary volatility sub-strategies: relative & absolute value, time decay, carry and directional – with the objective to generate stable and market-independent revenues.

Since its launch in 2007 this multiple internationally awarded investment strategy has generated attractive returns, regardless of the prevailing market environment. The program is uncorrelated to traditional and other alternative investments. Even to currency strategies mostly based on directional views (revalution or devaluation of a currency) v-Pro shows low correlation.


Your benefits:

  • Liquid, transparent and uncorrelated investment strategy
  • Attractive risk/return profile
  • Volatility as an asset class
  • Long-term successful track record of portfolio managers

Damian Zihlmann

Portfolio Manager

FX volatility as a theme is an attractive investment alternative. Unlike most FX programs, v-Pro does not focus on directional trading strategies.

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