Systematic Strategies

The Systematic Strategies unit of QCAM includes several Live Strategies with Performance Track Records reaching back to 2011, as well as the ongoing development of new strategies. Frequently, currency instruments are also used in the portfolio allocation. The speed of response and the recognition of trade opportunities in more than 200 different markets worldwide allows QCAM to generate performance in a way that would not be possible in a discretionary strategy.

The multi-award-winning systematic strategies have an average holding period of sometimes just a few days, analyze data up to every quarter-of-a-second, and can therefore respond promptly to market changes without human errors or emotions. Always with the goal of generating stable and market-independent returns over the medium term.

The strategies are in part negatively correlated to traditional and other alternative investments, allowing investors to efficiently diversify their portfolios. Even to currency strategies, which are mostly based on directional trading strategies (currency appreciation or depreciation), the strategies have little correlation.


An overview of QCAM’s active systematic strategies:


QCAM - Total Enhanced Systematic intelligence SWARM EVEREST GRAB - Pattern Recognition Volatility Arbitrage Momentum

Systematic strategies: Total intelligence, Enhanced Intelligence, Systematic Intelligence, EVEREST, SWARM (diversified across 20+ currency pairs), GRAB.


Your benefits:

  • Liquid and negatively correlated investment strategies
  • Outstanding risk / reward profiles with Sharpe Ratios> 1.0
  • > 3 years track record in machine learning strategies
  • Successful for many years

Sebastian Schäfer

Head Systematic Strategies

Using QCAM's systematic strategies, we combine state-of-the-art investment techniques and research results with short-term trading that is fully systematized to eliminate human error and react quickly and reliably to opportunities and movements in the market.


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SWARM Strategy (diversified across 20+ currency pairs)

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