FX BIAS offers alternative investment investors a systematic methodology to gain exposure in liquid currencies. The rule based strategy uses business sentiment surveys for 10 major countries/currencies to build a diversified currency portfolio.

→ Unique FX strategy approach
→ Great diversification
→ Attractive risk/return profile
→ Daily liquidity
→ Excellent cash substitute

«FX BIAS» Review 2022

2022 was a turbulent year for FX BIAS after a promising start in 2021. The Ukraine war, the rapid changes in monetary policy and the rise and fall of risk aversion created fast moving dynamics that were impossible to capture accurately with business surveys. Still, the addition of new surveys and currencies as well as more balanced weightings have helped improve the performance of FX BIAS. As a result, we think that FX BIAS remains well positioned to generate attractive returns at moderate volatility and low correlations with other asset classes over time.  Read more

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