FX Monthly June 2017 >> QCAM on the move – a half-year full of new developments

  • 14.06.2017
  • FX Monthly

QCAM Insight

QCAM FX Day and News Service FX NOW! as two highlights – interview with QCAM CEO Thomas Suter.

The macro perspective

The simultaneous global economic upswing that began in mid-2016 is showing its first signs of abating. For at least one of the world’s three largest economies, the oxygen is plainly getting thin. The Chinese authorities’ latest measures to curb debt seem more burdensome on the economy than the official data suggest. What next?

FX market talk

The Swiss franc weakened noticeable against the euro after the French presidential election. The SNB has since refrained from intervening on the FX market. The arguments for a continuation of the franc’s devaluation are compelling. But there are also good reasons for the SNB, when faced with a future crisis, to allow the franc to rise even higher than in the past.

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