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19th May 2021 │ News

UBS Certificate based on «QCAM FX BIAS» Strategy with constant positive performance since its launch

No questions – the sentiment is very good among FX BIAS investors. Since launch of the «QCAM FX BIAS» program in 2020, the monthly performance figures have constantly been positive.


Business Climate as key factor

The successful trading strategy is based on business climate surveys, with the systematic use of which QCAM has built a rule-based bridge between economic developments and exchange rates. «QCAM FX BIAS» has bundled this approach into a total return product that is diversified across eight currencies. This product is easy to understand, transparent, systematic, diversified – and can be acquired via the UBS certificate.


Key Facts  «QCAM FX BIAS»


QCAM currency specialists are happy to answer any questions regarding FX BIAS (Business Intelligent Alpha Strategy) and the UBS certificate.