Bernhard Eschweiler - QCAM senior economist

Dr. Bernhard Eschweiler

Economic Advisor

“Experience makes research better”

Bernhard Eschweiler is a trained PhD economist with over 25 years of financial markets experience. He has been active for QCAM as Senior Economist since 2011.  Apart from this activity, he has been an independent economic advisor since 2009.

Previously, Bernhard worked for 18 Years at JPMorgan with positions in New York, London, Frankfurt and Singapore. Among others, he was chief economist and head of market research for JPMorgan in Asia as well as global head of JPMorgan’s global business with central banks and sovereign wealth funds.  Given his work as a bank economist and close relationship with leading central banks, Bernhard has a great understanding of global macro, interest rate and exchange rate issues. Bernhard is the architect behind QCAM’s unique fundamental exchange rate approach, which determines both the long-term valuation as well as the fundamental drivers of exchange rates.

Bernhard has a PhD in Economics from Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA.