Marc Eigenheer

Currency Overlay

«Access to high quality education at affordable cost is one of society’s greatest achievements»

Marc has been working in currency and asset management plus software engineering with a focus on risk management and business processes for more than 20 years. In February 2023 he has rejoined our team as Currency Overlay Manager. Marc had already been with QCAM for many years before and has had a key role in the setting-up of QCAM’s currency overlay services back then. Since then he had been collaborating with QCAM in many IT and software related projects in which he mostly acted as the respective project manager.

Before joining QCAM, Marc held positions at UBS and Credit Suisse in Zurich and London working in Asset Management and FX. He has developed various software applications in risk management on a variety of tech stacks.

Marc successfully passed CFA, FRM and CAIA exams and has a MAS in Software Engineering from HSR Rapperswil.