Weidinger Marcel - QCAM Currency Overlay

Marcel Weidinger

Currency Overlay

„Working on yourself and your models every day – this is how both of you stay young”

Marcel has been working in trading and asset management, with a focus on currency management, for over 30 years. Since October 2020 he has been with our team as Currency Overlay Manager.

He gained his experience in various trading and investment management positions in Zurich, Lugano and Paris. His passion for currencies and derivatives runs like a red thread through his résumé. The second common thread is his flair for analyzing and automating data, models and processes. In this way, over the past 12 years at Julius Baer and GAM, he was able to build and successfully manage a portfolio of 100 currency mandates with over 6 billion dollars.

As a tried and tested retailer and father of four, he knows how important mutual trust and lived sustainability are.