Superbcrew – QCAM verkündet ersten QCAM FX Day und veröffentlicht QCAM FX NOW!

  • 12.05.2017
  • Press

Interview Superbcrew mit Thomas Suter, CEO of QCAM

: QCAM Currency Asset Management AG will host the first QCAM FX DAY on June 19th; can you tell us something more about this event?

A: After the second edition of our „Economy & Currencies“ event conducted in March in cooperation with research partner Wellershoff & Partners, we will host the first QCAM FX Day to demonstrate our complete range of products and services in our areas of expertise. QCAM Currency Asset Management AG provides institutional and private clients with a personalized service that is customized to all their Currency and Asset Management needs. Particularly in our globalized markets FX expertise in Asset Management leads to a significant increase in earnings and risk management improvements.

Q: You’ve recently acquired exclusive ownership of Desert Skies’ digital bill of lading app; could you tell us something more?

A: Our guests will receive in-depth information and insights at first hand on current topics and special fields such as Dynamic Currency Overlay, FX Best Execution and our Macro Outlook. Dynamic Currency Overlay is an area of growing importance. In addition to the passive overlay which focuses purely on risk management, including reduction of transaction costs and the customer specific management of resulting cash flows (cash flow management), the dynamic overlay additionally aims to enhance the return of a an investor’s underlying portfolio. By combining a passive overlay with an active management of hedged currency exposures we seek to take advantage of currency swings. With our process oriented approach the QCAM Currency Management strives to fully exploit potential upside without overlooking potential risks at every step in the process.

With FX Best Execution we are offering an independent and transparent execution of clients FX transactions. With FXBE we are offering an attractive single-source solution – our customers have access to a number of banks as trading partners, and the resulting counterparty risk is covered by the Zurich Canton Bank (AAA-rating), which operates as the only counterparty for the customer. Depending on client’s size and constraints alternative set-ups are implemented, always with the goal of executing FX transactions in the client’s best interest.

Among other QCAM FX specialists also our New York based U.S. representative Chiente Hsu, author of the acclaimed book „Rule based investing“,will present her insights.

But that’s not all: the participants can look forward to the presentation of special guest and artist Hannes Schmid known from TV documentary „The exciting life of Hannes Schmid“. Within our philanthropy program QCAM has supported his aid organisation Smiling Gecko in Cambodia for 2 years next to Mi Sangre, the foundation of Colombian singer and peace activist Juanes. We are certainly excited to get directly from Hannes Schmid insights into his charity activities in Cambodia.

Q: Recently you’ve lau

nched QCAM FX NOW! Could you explain the function of this new service?

A: QCAM FX NOW! is another novelty and free of charge innovation by QCAM Currency Asset Management! Due to the high dynamism in the markets cutting-edge infos, up-to-the-minute news and exclusive opinions of experts may be crucial for investment decisions. Against this background we launched the exclusive WhatsApp service QCAM FX NOW! last month – messages are written personally by the QCAM FX experts, who are working at the pulse of the market, and sent directly to the recipients.

Q: QCAM moved into new offices in the city of Zug at the end of March; What are your plans for the next few months?

A: In line with the motto „The same team, the same spirit – a new location“ we moved into new, modern and spacious offices in the city of Zug. Zug provides excellent local conditions and an interesting environment as a financial center with most companies and institutions reachable within walking distance. Many multinationals have their headquarters in Zug which can be reached within only 30 minutes from Zurich by train or car. For the next few months we will continue to capitalize on our unique positioning as the expert for solutions in both Currency and Asset Management highlighting our values – independent, transparent and trustworthy. In the course of our dynamic growth more FX specialists will soon join our team.

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