As advertised before we like to introduce to you our new investor bulletin: The new QCAM MONTHLY covers all aspects of FX Markets, Research and Strategy plus other relevant areas of the economy and provides you with information on QCAM offers and services – all in a concise and compact way. And for free, of course.

The current turbulence in markets is a strong reminder to investors: FX also matters! As currency experts, we at QCAM are always close to the markets to analyse risks and opportunities and turn that into successful investment strategies.

QCAM Insight

Within the section «QCAM Insight» our senior economist Bernhard Eschweiler will start each month with a topical issue.

Other focal points continue to be the subjects of «economy and interest rates» and «FX markets». By applying our « FX analysis» framework and the QCAM exchange rate strategy we are paying particular attention to individual currency pairs such as EURUSD or USDJPY.