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05.05.2022 | Issue #79| QCAM MONTHLY

QCAM MONTHLY covers all aspects of FX markets, research and strategies plus business topics and informs you about QCAM offers and services – all in concise and compact form. And free, of course.

«Don’t fight risk aversion»

QCAM Insight

The USD outperformed across the board in April on rising global growth concerns and risk aversion. The Fed’s lead in the hiking cycle further supported the USD. We think…

Economy and Interest Rates

The Ukraine war, China’s lockdown, high inflation and rising interest rates weigh on sentiment and slow the global economy. Developed markets, especially Europe, are hit harder than emerging markets. Recession still seems to be…

FX Markets

The USD rose strongly in April versus all major currencies. Year-to-date, the USD DXY is up a stellar 8%. The JPY is the worst performer so far this year, even outdoing the TKY. The best performer is…

FX Analytics

Going into more detail: Based on our proprietary analytical framework to take scalable exchange rate positions we are taking a close look on individual currency pairs.


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20./21. June 2022 – World Family Office Forum Europe 2022 in Montreux (CH)

2022-05-25T13:43:22+00:00May 25, 2022|Comments Off on 20./21. June 2022 – World Family Office Forum Europe 2022 in Montreux (CH)

We are pleased about the exclusive invitation to participate at the World Family Office Forum Europe. As a currency specialist, Thomas Suter, CEO of QCAM, look forward to advising and showing solutions on all currency-related topics.