Die Dynamik an den Märkten zeigt eindrücklich: FX also matters! Als erfahrene Währungsexperten sind wir bei QCAM jederzeit nahe am Marktgeschehen, um Chancen und Risiken zu analysieren und daraus erfolgreiche Strategien zu entwickeln. Kontaktieren Sie uns – wir freuen uns, Ihnen neue Perspektiven aufzuzeigen.

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09.11.2020 | Ausgabe #61 | QCAM MONTHLY 


QCAM MONTHLY behandelt alle Aspekte von FX Märkten, Research und Strategien plus Themenbereiche der Wirtschaft und informiert Sie über QCAM Angebote und Dienstleistungen – alles in konziser und kompakter Form. Und gratis, versteht sich.


QCAM Insight

The outcome of the US election was again a surprise as the “Blue Wave” was not as strong as expected. Still, markets have responded favorably, hoping that a more centrist government may emerge. The USD has weakened in response.


Economy and Interest Rates

Global economic activity recovered strongly in the third quarter but momentum is now fading as the recovery is moving from the re-opening rebound to a second more cyclical phase, which is still marked by significant corporate balance sheet and labor market distortions, while a new round of Co-rona infections is undermining mobility and activity, especially in Europe.


FX Markets

Currency markets were largely range-bound in Oc-tober and running into the US election. The main exception was the TRY, which fell nearly 10%. Among major currencies, the SEK was one of the best performers, while the CNY stood out among emerging market currencies.


FX Analytics

Going into more detail: Based on our proprietary analytical framework to take scalable exchange rate positions we are taking a close look on individual currency pairs. 

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