Currency Trading, Cryptocurrencies and the End of Exchanges


The internationalization of investments has led to a significant increase in the foreign exchange (FX) business. Along with this major growth, the whole set up and market structure of currency trading, alpha generation in FX markets and the FX overlay industry have significantly changed.

How are the markets working now? What are the best and most efficient set ups for currency trading? What happened to the alpha generation of FX managers? When it comes to technology and innovation, is FX trading leading crypto trading or is it the other way round – who sets the trend? (page 20) Why is crypto a very easy market to trade for professionals from the strategy perspective, but the trouble is rather on the legal and the regulatory side? And, will Blockchain technology lead to a future without exchanges?

These are just some of the themes and theses discussed in the new Currency Trading Roundtable. Read here¬† in the “Opalesque Roundtable Series ’18” the analysis and opinions of the currency specialist. Thomas Suter, CEO of QCAM, is also one of the speakers.